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Grit By Brit

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Roman Fitness Systems

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Strength Running

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NPR’s The Salt

Why do many people find sugar irresistible ? What are “food hubs ” and why are they important? What’s the latest food trend? These are just a few of the questions asked every day on NPR’s food blog, The Salt. The blog covers everything related to eating, including food trends, food science, and food production, with NPR’s signature all-encompassing scope and attention to detail. Plus, there’s plenty of humor. One favorite column is Sandwich Monday  (McCamembert , anyone?), where members of the NPR newsroom try out famous local lunches, often with ridiculous results.

As its name suggests, this company is all about teaching people how to demystify healthy eating and make smart decisions for their own personal needs. Precision Nutrition is first an online nutrition coaching biz, but the company’s blog is well worth a look. Blog posts tackle real-life issues we all face, such as “For Women: Is Taking Care of Yourself Really That Selfish? ” and “The Busy Man’s Guide to Getting In Shape .”

Our favorite fist-bumping doctor doesn’t just write about why we should ditch handshakes for good. Hamblin’s a Senior Editor at The Atlantic, where he writes about gluten, anxiety, caffeine, babies, multivitamins, sex, HIV, cats, autism, and… we think you get the picture. Hamblin publishes a new column nearly every day and, given his interest in all types of health (including mental, physical, and sexual), we don’t expect him to run out of material anytime soon.